As a Florida native, I’ve lived and worked on the coast my entire life. Most of Florida’s natural shorelines have been replaced with hardened seawalls. Extremely destructive weather events are now damaging overdeveloped coastal properties on a regular basis. This coastal development pattern has also contributed greatly to the decline of our marine habitats. By designing living shorelines I help coastal property owners improve our coastal ecosystems and marine habitats while improving their resilience from severe storm events, flooding and sea level rise. See Project Below

Ray & Ellyn Stevenson Residence

Extreme weather events, king tides and boat wakes caused a loss of nearly 20 feet of the client’s property on the Indian River Lagoon. To stabilize the shoreline, a combination of coquina boulders and plantings of coastal aquatic species were installed on the landward side. Submerged oyster reefs were installed in the shallow water for boat wake attenuation. Within a few months, the new plantings have completely filled in and the clients are very pleased with the results. This stabilized living shoreline helps improve water quality by filtering nutrient runoff.