With a year-round growing season, new Florida landscapes fill out in one growing season and can seem mature in as little as 5 years. Each developed landscape is a continually evolving ecosystem that cleans the air, absorbs rainfall, filters storm water, cools buildings and pavement, and reduces energy costs. Creating a healthy natural habitat for humans and animals offsets the negative impacts of the built urban environment. Improving outdoor green space, minimizing or eliminating chemical inputs, and simplifying maintenance tasks as landscapes mature enhances quality of life and adds value to all developed properties. See Project Below

The Seville

This historic 1925 apartment building needed a complete renovation of the aging landscape. Erosion from roof runoff. poor drainage around the foundation of the building, and declining plants resulted in an unattractive entrance. All turfgrass was eliminated and replaced with low growing evergreen ground cover. Ornamental foliage plants and perennials create garden spaces near the entrance and around the front of the building. Maintenance costs have been reduced by over 35%. Added benefits include a greatly reduced carbon footprint due to the elimination of gas-powered maintenance tools, as well as elimination of noise from those maintenance tools.